Irrigation and Lighting


While irrigation systems do not attract much notice, they are one of the key concepts in many impressive Toronto yards. Blue Onion Landscaping irrigation services, such as sprinkler installation and building of drainage channels, will ensure that your plants always get just the right amount of water, even when you are not around. Easily controlled from your smartphone, the irrigation system will keep your lawn emerald green all summer and will safeguard your flower beds from unsightly spots that so often occur on overly dry or wet areas. We will be pleased to assist you with the design, installation, servicing and repairs of your irrigation system.



Adding proper lighting to your outdoor space may seem like a simple enhancement, but this final touch will do magic to your landscape design, taking it instantly from good to extraordinary. Blue Onion Landscaping will be pleased to complete the back or front yard of your dreams with a lighting solution that will highlight the key features and enhance the safety of your property.

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